Doing Life Together

We were not created to live life alone. Simply look in the Garden, and note that God made Eve for Adam. We were LITERALLY made for each other; to do life together. Imagine if God had made Eve first. She would have been the world’s first cat lady. Women find a way to achieve companionship!

Women are like mirrors to each other. It’s like a nightmare-ish funhouse maze. Some give you a reflection of yourself tall and thin, others short and stout. What if instead of projecting the reflection of what we think of the other person, we did our best to mirror God’s opinion of someone else? The more they look into that mirror, they begin to see all their beauty and worth. Imagine that. No judgement. Mirroring our creator to one another. 
Continue onto Beth’s blog as she shares teaching, expanding on how we can be better at being together. 


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