Let's Talk About Sex

I told Beth we should do a sex talk. I thought for my blog, the witty repartee would basically write itself. Sex jokes are comedic currency, people! I found myself with severe writer’s block. Then, I read Beth’s notes. I was so moved. So I’m going to talk about my sex life. KIDDING! Calm down, geez. 
A former middle school student, now in her twenties, recently recalled a talk David & I did many years ago. We did a Q&A where students could anonymously text their questions – & those questions appeared on the big screen. As you could imagine, it was hilarious. I think what we accomplished in that though was creating an environment where it was ok to ask questions – & it was ok to laugh. 

When a woman comes to me for marital advice my first question is “Are you having sex?”. I’ve had responses that range from shock & laughter to tears. 

Sex is important. And ladies, it’s important we encourage each other to connect with our spouses on that level – especially us tired moms. 

How can we better encourage each other in this area? Is it possible to have an intimate accountability? Check out Beth’s teaching. 


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