Trust Matters

I had a request to do a post about trust. Trust is a small but powerful word. How can so few letters mean something so BIG? And – what KIND of trust are we talkin’ here? Trust in God? Trust in our spouse? Trust in your four year old’s ability to not pick his nose today? Trust that your vehicle will get you to work safely and on time? No matter what area, trust is rooted in relationship and established with our most important commodity – TIME. This would explain why the people you trust most are likely those you’ve known the longest. The same can be said for those you mistrust. Their track record over time has proved untrustworthy and therefore, you do not look to them for much – if anything.
Let’s put the “US in “trUSt”. Are you worthy of someone’s trust?  How can you identify those you can trust? Here’s a few thoughts:

  • How do they speak about others? (Do they speak poorly of others?)
  • Do they serve others/put others before themselves?
  • Do they point people to Jesus every chance they get?
  • Are they faithful in the small things?
  • Are they encouraging to be around?

These are things I look for in friendships but especially in mentors. They are also things I strive for personally. How about you? What qualities do the people you trust most possess?

Continue onto Beth’s blog as she offers some Biblical insights on this matter of trust. 


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