Princess Probs

Look, we all have problems. Even Disney Princesses have problems. And they don’t always handle it so well. 

1. Snow White: When it comes to fight or flight, Snowy is definitely FLIGHT. I guess if someone is trying to kill you, running is probably a good idea. But you can’t always run from your problems, can you? Now you’re living in a shack with 7 dudes and singing to woodland creatures and waiting for a prince to come save you. 

2. Sleeping Beauty: Wake up, ok? Face the truth. You live in a shack with 3 fairies and like Snow, sing to woodland creatures. You need to stop waiting for a man to rescue you. 

3. Elsa: Conceal don’t feel? Yeah, that’s healthy. Freeze people out. 

4. Anna: Get a hobby or something. Leave your sister alone. She is dealing with stuff. Quit being needy.

5. Ariel: Quit hoarding. Stop trying to be something you’re not. 

6. Jasmine: One word – SPOILED. Quit being an entitled brat. 

7. Belle: You live with a Beast and you read a lot to escape your problems.

8. Merida: Stop trying to change your mom. 

9. Cinderella: Girl, you have been through the ringer. Loss. Treated like a slave. But it’s amazing what a pair of good shoes can do for one’s self esteem, AMIRIGHT?! You’re risiliant. 

10. Rapunzel: Get a haircut. 

11. Tiana: Workaholic.

Continue onto Beth’s blog for some biblical teaching for handling conflict.


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