Lonely Season

I created a survey to engage readers more as I want to address topics people are facing. One survey taker suggested a blog on loneliness. So, my dear friend, this post is for you. It struck a cord in us.
Everyone experiences loneliness. The trouble lies in what causes it. It’s important to look at the circumstances that lead to your isolation, resulting in the horrible black pit of loneliness. 

I can point to 3 circumstances that were the threshold into the loneliest seasons of my adult life. 

1. When we left ministry. 

We left a church back in 2002. I went from being a pastor’s wife to really being no one. Overnight, I had zero friends. Not because no one cared, but leaving a church is awkward and painful and no one knows what to do or say. 

2. When I found out I couldn’t have children.

This combined with us dealing with a crisis in our extended family and a wrongful foreclosure of our home, I was on the fast track to Crazy Town where I was about to be elected Mayor. You watch people all around having babies and you wonder why them and not you. I avoided baby showers for several years because it was just too painful.

3. Becoming a mom.

I am a textbook extrovert. I thrive being around people. Even when I was young, I often moved between different groups of friends. I never had just ONE group. I have always liked keeping a wide circle and making room for more. Then when I began performing, that circle expanded. I had my theatre group. My stand-up comedy people. My acting class family. These days, my world is small. It stands at about three feet high, and is about as wide as my kitchen table. I LOVE being Wyatt and Levi’s mom. They are the answer to a decade of longing. But, having little kids is isolating and exhausting. I don’t have the time and energy I once did to cultivate relationships. And I have learned to be ok with it. 

I talk about seasons a lot. If you’re lonely and reading this I want you to know – this is just a season. Before too long here, you’ll be trading your summer sandals for uggs and scarves, sipping pumpkin spiced over-priced bevies instead of iced tea, and your evenings will be filled with a roaring fireplace instead of outdoor fire-pit. So, you may be lonely now, but don’t get used to it. Weather changes quickly. 

What can you learn from your lonely season? What has helped you cope in the past? How can you provide comfort to someone else’s season of loneliness?

Continue onto Beth’s blog where she shares a lonely season in her life and some solid teaching that will encourage you. GOOD NEWS: You’re not alone!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. toni suttie says:

    Weird I know, but Im never lonely….. I live alone, often work alone, yet I feel joyful- IM A STRANGE ONE!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      You must be an introvert! Introverts need that alone time to recharge. Not strange at all!

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