Stop Being A Miserable Cow

Why is her hair that color? Why does she dress that way? Why do her kids act like they were fed raw sugar for breakfast? Has she put on weight? Is she going on vacation? Must be nice.

Women, we are so hard on each other. Isn’t life hard enough without getting caught in a trap of comparison and judgement? And don’t be fake. You don’t have to be friends with everyone – but you DO need to be kind. Stop being a miserable cow. Life is not a competition. We are in this together whether we like it or not. Guess what? Here’s a real kicker for ya: WE NEED EACH OTHER. We need each other so badly.

If someone reads the Bible on their phone instead of a leather bound copy with their name embossed in gold and highlights verses, it does not mean ANYTHING. It comes down to personal preference. Just because someone is different than you doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

My 4 step process for killing a judgmental spirit:

1. Stop your thought process in its tracks. Those negative thoughts are not productive.

2. Close your mouth. Do not give life or further attention to the unproductive thinking. Do not let your opinions become gossip – causing further damage.

3. Open your heart. Pray for those people you’re struggling with.

4. Let it go. Seriously. Move on with your life. Stop wasting time and energy on the meaningless garbage that the enemy of your soul is using to distract you from your life’s mission.

Check out Beth’s blog on being a judgmental busy body. Here’s why you should: your judgment of others is preventing you from loving greater.
Now, go forth and love each other a little better today than yesterday.


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