I Cut A Fool Once

Beth bared her soul about middle school – which made me contemplate how we carry those wounds from that period of life for the rest of our lives. Isn’t that stupid?!

I began 6th grade at a school my mom had taken a new job at. I was excited for a change, but that excitement quickly turned sour as I struggled to fit in. I began getting in trouble, which resulted in detention every day. Six months, I had detention daily. I sometimes even showed up if I didn’t have it and would say “I’m making up for next week”.

I was miserable. One boy with a rat tail in his hair pushed me over the edge. I told him if he kept making fun of me, I’d cut his tail off. He challenged me. And I did it. He burst into tears, screaming. I became legend.

But I didn’t want that rep.

My parents decided this school wasn’t working out, and mom and I both went back to the other school.

What’s funny to me now is to look at this through the lens of parenting. My parents showed me so much grace. I’m sure I was grounded a lot, but their concern outweighed all else and that’s what stands out in my memories: love and grace.

I hope my kids will remember me for love and grace during their difficult times. I better go pray.


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