Tangled Rejection & Frozen Selection

A seasoned Broadway veteran and film actress auditioned for the leading role in the Disney animated film Tangled. She did not land the role. Instead, the role of Rapunzel was voiced by singer and actress, Mandy Moore.

It was probably upsetting for the Broadway star to not land that role, but while she was there, decision-makers, movers and shakers that heard her thought she’d be perfect for another upcoming project.

That other project happened to be the mega-hit Frozen, and that actress was none other than Idina Menzel who voiced the role of Elsa. Let It Go was the biggest song of 2013-14.

Sometimes we have to lose what’s good so we can gain what’s best. That doesn’t make it hurt less in the short term, I know. Trust me, I know rejection. I’ve been on roughly 100 auditions. So, I consider myself an expert. I think I’ve earned that!

If we allow rejection to shape us, it can make is bitter. If we allow rejection to teach us, it can make us better.

Continue onto Beth’s blog as she reveals not only her own rejection tales but discusses how Jesus knows exactly how we feel.




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