High Heels & Hurty Feels

img_1950I used to pride myself on my ability to wear a l pair of 4-inch heels for HOURS. Singing at church on a Sunday. To work. Didn’t matter. I loved them. Even though they put me at 6′ tall.

I have a dear friend who started a tradition of sending shoes for my birthday. We wear the same size and love the same style. It is my favorite gift! One year, she sent me these beauties:






I recently wore a pair of boots to church. I think they have a 2.5-3″ heel. I basically limped to the car by the time church was over. It was BRUTAL. My feet were cramping. I took them off as soon as I got through the door at home. But they were cute so I was like, “Hmm…worth it!” (I actually got these for $20 on Amazon, but now they’re much more!)


I was warned after I became a mom that I would drop those heels like third period French, and boy, were those ladies right. I cannot catch a child running away from me wearing heels! So, my style adapted.

The heels were replaced by flats.


 For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared. – Ephesians 6:15

You wouldn’t run a race in a pair of stilettos. Isn’t that pain so unnecessary? In some ways, I think that’s what we do in life. We are unprepared, and therefore lack peace.  Are you walking in that peace that comes from knowing the Lord has His hand on you in every step?


Put on some cozy slippers, grab a cup of coffee and head on over to Beth’s for encouraging teaching.


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