Kindness: Fruit of the Spirit #5

Kindness costs nothing to give, but means everything to the person who receives it. 
My friend Adriana said her favorite random act of kindness is to return people’s shopping carts for them to the cart return. She said it was because it was something she hated doing, so she wanted to spare others from having to do so. She thought it was a small thing – but I think it is a rather big deal. This seemingly small act of kindness is revealing of one’s heart. And I want that heart; the one who serves strangers without anything in return.

No agenda. No reward. Only serving.

This holiday season, amidst a crowded store and busy parking lot – I saw several elderly people loading their trunks. I instantly thought of Adriana.

One couple never even saw me as they loaded the last of their cart, I swept their cart away. And as I did I grabbed another woman’s cart, too. So I basically looked either like a crazy woman returning 3 carts or a Walmart employee. At Target just the other day, I grabbed the cart of a young mom. It was a rare occasion as I was alone, & my heart went out to her as she juggled her bags and a toddler. 

Once you start thinking this way, you can’t stop. It turns into a rush. Something so small can make someone’s day. And that someone will usually be yourself. 

Continue onto Beth’s page for teaching on kindness. 


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