Gentle & Tough

My kids and I have sensitive skin. I’m cautious about detergents, soaps and lotions. I rely on the gentleness of these products to not harm us, but to also get the job done. Otherwise, how effective is a detergent if it doesn’t get your clothes clean? Or a soap that doesn’t take the stink away?

I think about gentleness in this way. Strength & gentleness are not mutually exclusive, but i think some mistake it for weakness. Your gentleness is in fact your strength. Your words can be a salve to someone’s soul. Gentleness is that powerful.

It’s hard in this current political climate where gentleness is lacking. People are angry. The best thing we can do is have big ears, small mouths, and let gentleness reign where anger rears its ugly face. Where there is hatred, be love. God, help us to be gentle and kind. In the end – this is all that matters; the love we show one another.

Continue onto Beth’s blog for teaching on Gentleness. 

Now, where’d I put that coupon for the Aveeno…


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