Biblical Babes & Baby Mamas

Imagine if the inner most private details of your life were made public; splashed on the internet, news stands, E! Television and the latest View or the Talk or whatever the latest gossip show is. Imagine that bikini pic from ’98 posted on Instagram. Or that private Snapchat someone took a screenshot of. Things you thought you did in secret EXPOSED on the latest Dr. Phil.

Well, that’s basically what it’s like for women of the Bible. We read all of their failures, accomplishments, lies, affairs and tragedies. The Karshashians have nothing on these gals.

Beth & I are excited to kick off a new series that may never end, as we dive head first into the lives of women in the Bible. From Abigail to Zeruiah, the Bible is full of soap opera level drama only without the big hair and Botox.

It is my hope through this that we can learn what to do, what not to do and, laugh at our differences and marvel at our similar struggles. Their life lessons are still relevant to us today.

Continue onto Beth’s blog for her intro.


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