Moms of the Bible: Eve's Eviction & Conviction

Eve. Being first at anything is hard, nevermind being the first of our entire gender. Pioneers seldom have an easy go of things, and Eve is no exception. However, she had a pretty sweet setup to start with.
No dishes. No laundry. No housekeeping. A husband who literally walked closely with God. I’m guessing she didn’t have a belly button. Did I mention no laundry? You know, cuz of that whole being naked thing. Sorry, that laundry thing has got me irrationally envious. If you saw my replica of Mt. Hood made entirely of Conlee clothing, you’d understand. It’s a nightmare right now, but I digress.

She was tempted. She took a bite. It was all downhill from there. But let’s cut our girl some slack. She was the first woman, wife & mother. She didn’t have a good mama to show her the ropes or that judgmental neighbor/frenemy to question her parenting choices (Yes, Deborah! My kids eat hot dogs! Now go back to churning butter or whatever it is you do for fun!)

Now, I hate it when my boys fight. It drives me crazy. The biggest insult I hear being thrown around is, “YOU’RE MEAN!” I cannot imagine what Eve felt about the rivalry of Cain & Abel. I mean, I’m not actually concerned that Levi & Wyatt will kill each other. I mostly just worry about them breaking stuff. I wonder if Eve lived out her days heartsick over the loss of a child at the hands of another, in addition to the shame she carried from the eviction of her garden home. Thankfully there weren’t any holidays yet; imagine how awkward THOSE would be!

Check out Beth’s post about Eve – mother of sin & humanity. 


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