Mary: Original Teen Mom

I had the opportunity to play Mary in an Easter production in 1993 as well as Christmas productions 1997 & 1998. No, I did not win any awards though I’m sure my performance was riveting. **sarcasm** One year, the parents of baby Jesus used a picture of me holding him for their Christmas card. He was a method actor.

Mary, mother of our savior, was a teen mom. The ORIGINAL teen mom. And she’s biblical proof that not much has changed in the world since her time; the world still looks down on young ladies in this position. 

Even Joseph, Mary’s betrothed, wanted to dump her. It took an act of God to prevent that. Joe was a stand up guy, though. He kept his promise to her, and he raised a boy who was not his own. So, even Jesus had a stepdad. Maybe consider this next time your holidays are awkward. 
Mary’s story is one of favor, faithfulness and servanthood – which Beth has expanded on in her post about Mary’s amazing character.
What if we treated young and single moms as though they carried the hope of the world? Maybe we would begin to scratch the surface of treating one another with a divine love. A love that casts out shame and blinds the face of fear with its bright light. A love free of judgement. 


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