Bible Moms Part 3: Sarah

I remember when I first found out I could not have children. The words seemed to echo in my head and for about a week, I was in a daze. It was a bit like watching a movie of your own life. You hear the words but can’t believe it’s actually happening. I recall a night I couldn’t sleep as thoughts seemed to replay in my mind in a loop about my inability – my failure in conceiving. I turned to prayer and my Bible and read about Sarah. (Beth tells her story beautifully here…)

I relate to Sarah. I’m an “older” mom. Or, I should say, I became a mom later than I’d hoped and certainly not the way I would’ve planned. (My constant looking for shortcuts is a character flaw Sarah and I also share.) 

Sarah’s story reminds me that God’s way is always best. He is never late; His timing is perfect. His will, His plan. 

Sometimes it hurts to hope. But the alternative is even more grim. Whatever you’re facing, know He keeps His promises. 


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