Jochebed: Giving Him Up

Beth wrote about Jochebed, mother of Moses & her experience in letting her son go as he left home, college bound. 

My experience, however is on the receiving end. I am the adoptive mom. We do have an open adoption, and the birth mother is in the picture. It’s something I’m learning to navigate through counseling. 

As I thought about Jochebed, doing what she could to save Moses’ life; rescued him from the clutches of death by placing him in a basket. Then from a basket, to a palace. A royal adoption. 

I often think about how my joy is at the expense of someone’s loss. I see the pain in her eyes. I cannot imagine how she faces each day without the boys. I see how she clings to the notion that she is still the mom, and I want to honor her for her role she played in bringing these boys into the world, but I’M the mom. There is only ONE mom, and it’s me. 

Sorry, mama bear came out for a moment there. 

Jochebed had to watch her son loved by another mother. But she did it for his sake. Just like my birth mom, she did what she thought was best for the boys. 

And I have joy because of that sacrifice. 


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