Love Thy Neighbor

I grew up in one of those neighborhoods where I knew everyone and had a bunch of kids to play and grow with. As an adult, I’ve made little effort but despite that, we’ve had pretty great neighbors.

We moved a couple years ago and live in a cul-de-sac with some people I’m sure are pretty nice. I’ve been caught up in the day to day survival that I’ve made zippy zip effort to know my neighbors. 

Until tonight. But I’ll get to that.

The other day, one of my neighbors came by because he accidentally received some of our mail. He was so nice and we were both so glad to have talked. He mentioned it’d be fun to have a BBQ or something this summer to get to know everyone. I thought this was long overdue. 

This morning, another neighbor was leaving with her kids and saw me lose my ever-loving mind as I went toe to toe with one of my kids. I thought about it all day. It ate away at me. So, I put together a couple of little St. Patty’s Day treat bags for their girls (about same age as our boys) and wrote our phone numbers down in case they ever need anything. I apologized for looking like a psychopath most mornings – and I was immediately put at ease by the statement, “we all have kids – we understand!”. 

I already love these people. I’m excited to reach out and be a good neighbor. But mostly, just proud of myself for taking this step to change my little cul-de-sac. I’m not sure I can change the world, but I can change this little corner of it. 


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