Hey There, Delilah


I love the way Beth talks about people in the Bible as though she’s met them. She told me she did not care for Samson, and I immediately pictured her at a dinner party with him where he was probably bragging about his feats of strength and she was signaling her husband – you know THE signal – that it’s time to go. So, I’m excited to share her thoughts here.

Ladies, we have power. Our feminine form, imagination and plan-making ability make us a force to be reckoned with. What I’m saying is – our minds are as dangerous as our curves. Delilah was the beauty and brains behind the downfall of Samson.
Not only was she a knock-out, but she was a nag. A hot nag with an agenda has got to be the worst kind. She wore him down with her persistence. Is persistent nagging in our genetic code? I’m fairly certain we’re all capable of it, if unchecked.

We have so much power, ladies. But unlike Delilah, our stories are still being written. We can choose faithfulness over betrayal. We can choose being pleasant over nagging. We are works in progress and each day is an opportunity to take a new path. Choice is yours.


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