Top 10 Moments When All Is Right With The World

Not in any particular order…

1. When you hit every green light on your way to work, narrowly missing the school bus traffic thus arriving to work with time to spare.

2. When your kids are good in church and you don’t owe anyone an apology.

3. When there’s a break in the rain when you’re carrying your groceries in.

4. When your kid crawls into your bed 15 minutes before your alarm goes off and the cuddles are epic.

5. When you find money in a coat pocket you haven’t worn in a while and you act like you won the lottery. 

6. When your spouse fills up your gas tank, and you have never been more attracted to a middle aged man who drives a mini van. Cuz chivalry is hot and in fact NOT dead.

7. When your hair cooperates and you consider a career change.

8. When your boss lets you off even just five minutes early. 

9. When your lipstick stays on even through lunch.

10. When your kids eat all their dinner without any bargaining, begging, pleading or threats of any kind, making them the most adorable children ON THE PLANET.


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