He Proved Himself

I’ve always had a “I’m going to work hard, be faithful, prove myself & pay my dues” type person. I’ve never felt entitled. I’ve never expected a big break. I’ve never had anything just handed to me (well, besides having an awesome family & friends!) I’ve always been under the impression big breaks seldom happen if they happen at all. 

But in Matthew 4:1-11, the devil basically tells Jesus, “Prove it.”

He didn’t. He didn’t have to. Because He knew He was King. 

In Matthew 26:39, Jesus pleads with the Father but still chose the nails. He didn’t have to do it, but he did it. His sacrifice was our “big break”. The only break you’ll ever need, because He is ALL we need. He is enough.

His resurrection was the ultimate proof – & the only proof we’ll ever need in life. And because He lives & His Spirit lives in me – I don’t need to prove myself. To quote a great song: He has no equal, He has no rival. And, I am His.

Happy Easter. 


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