They Love Who We Love

We have an awesome friend named Steve. He is one of our favorite people. His beautiful wife, Andrea, is wonderful – & all 3 of their now adult children survived us as youth pastors. If I were to create a youth ministry hall of fame – these people would have a huge display. They were so supportive & I’m honored to call them my friends. 

Steve is a heating and AC expert. He’s our go-to guy when we need help with our aging AC unit. When he was here this week working, the boys were playing out back. They were enjoying the sun and some otter pops. They kept chattin’ him up and offered him an otter pop. I kept telling them to leave him alone, but it was precious and Steve is far too kind. 

Before Steve left, Levi made him a drawing and both boys gave him hugs. Then it hit me: our kids love who WE love.

My sister-in-love, Amanda, does this very well. She talks up the entire family in front of her kids – especially those of us who live hundreds of miles away. When we roll into town, her kids practically throw a ticker tape parade. 

Our kids will love who we love. 

And they’ll also dislike who we dislike. Hate is learned. 

Let’s be intentional about teaching love.


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