It’s All His

Beth & I are looking at Potiphar’s wife today. Check out her teaching. Go on. I’ll wait.

The other day I told Wyatt to treat my toys & stuff nice. He said, “Mom, these are MY toys.” I said, “Son, those belong to me. Everything in this house belongs to me & dad- INCLUDING YOU.” I instantly felt convicted. I felt the Lord tell me “Everything you are & have belongs to me.” 

I’ve been going through some stuff lately. Sort of a “what am I doing with my life” type thing. Feeling sort of stuck. But I came to the conclusion that either I’m going to believe God works all things together for my good – OR NOT. 

Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph and when he ran from her, she falsely accused him. What she didn’t know is that is ALL BELONGS TO GOD, ANYWAY. And though imprisoned under wrongful accusations, she could not prevent God’s plan. She could not diminish Joseph’s value. And God would take the worst circumstances and use them for Jospeph’s good. Why? Because Joseph belongs to God. Everything belongs to Him, anyway.

Including you.


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