How About It, Hagar?

Ever wonder how that conversation between Sarah and Hagar went down? How do you ask another woman to sleep with your husband and have a baby because you think your ovaries basically have shriveled up? (I feel uncomfortable even asking my neighbor for a cup of sugar – so I NEVER have.) I bet holidays were super awkward. 
“Hagar – can you do me a solid?” -Sarah 

How could Hagar say no? She didn’t. 

Many years ago, I spoke at a camp for elementary age girls with my bff/soul sister, Emily. In addition to my being a terrible speaker, this camp was ROUGHING it. I mean, I’m talking no running water, k? To make matters worse, I forgot to pack lipgloss. So, I asked Emily for some. What I didn’t know was that it was lip plumping lipgloss. If you have never used a lip plumper, you may not know this: some varieties hurt like the dickens. It was like being stung by a bee, rubbing a jalapeño on my lips, topping it off with wasabi and setting them on fire. In case you don’t pick up what I’m puttin’ down, IT HURT SO BAD. Not to mention that it did not give me the pout of Angelina Jolie. All that pain – no gain. I opted for chapstick the remainder of said speaking engagement. Thus beginning and concluding my moonlighting as an inspirational speaker with burny lips. I didn’t quit my day job. 

So, how about it, Hagar? All that pain and what did she gain besides being cast away and giving birth to the child of impatience? Yet, God met her where she was at, reminding us all that we are never absent from His sight. Continue reading about how God saw Hagar at Beth’s blog. 


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