Jesus: Gatorade for the Soul

We’re talking about the Woman at the Well. Visit Beth’s blog for teaching- read on for my shenanigans. 

I tease my single friends about being “thirsty” all the time. It’s the funniest term I’ve heard used for someone who is eager to find that special someone. The word thirsty paints a great picture, doesn’t it? I immediately imagine that poor cartoon character who dives head first into a mirage of a lake only to get a mouthful of sand. We all laughed at that as kids, but it sets the stage for what the world has to offer regarding our thirsting souls.

Gatorade commercials are still the best for describing thirst. We had a couple bouts of the flu this year, and my kids ask for it by name as the drink that makes them feel better. You see, water is amazing for you. But when you’ve been sick, you need to replenish those electrolytes. 

Jesus doesn’t just give you a drink. He gives you a well. Jesus doesn’t just quench the thirst, He restores and replenishes. 

Everyone reading this is thirsting for something today. Jesus is the answer. I’m not confident in much- but I have absolute confidence in THAT. 

If Gatorade isn’t what you had in mind, Jesus can be your cup of coffee on your weary Monday. Because He’s THAT good. 


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