Job’s Wife: How to Be Unhelpful

I love Beth’s compassionate take on Job’s wife. Beth sites her biting words as being spoken from a place of grief. 

I’m not as nice as Beth. 

The saying is true: hurt people hurt people. But honestly, this is a hot button issue for me. Your grief doesn’t give you the right to knock someone else down. I do not relate to this at all. When I hurt deeply, I tend to put some distance between me and people because I feel emotionally compromised- & I keep my circle small during that season for support. 

Being kicked when you’re down is real. And I think believers in Jesus do it more than non-Christians. I call it “friendly fire”. I think it’s often/mostly unintentional. It’s why people leave the church and never return. It’s why some people give up on their dreams and in extreme cases- leave their faith.

I’m terribly afraid of causing someone this type of pain. And I pray I don’t. I hope I’m never part of someone’s testimony of overcoming, “I did it even though Jenny said it was impossible”. I don’t want to be a dream-killer. 

How can we love each other better and not be soul-crushers? How can we help mend wounds? 


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