Queen of Influence

Beth and I are kicking off a series about Royals with one of my favs, Esther. See Beth’s study here. My takeaway:

 I was at a conference my friend created a few years ago and discovered my greatest impact is thru relationship. As a performer, that was humbling. Do any of us realize the affect we have on each other? Nope. And I think that’s true for many of us. 

Esther used her influence to save lives, and you can, too. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Love others. 

2. Be available.

So often we overthink things. Maybe it’s because we want to change the world. Maybe it’s because we want to be a big deal. Maybe we (cough) enjoy the limelight.

We look for that dare to be great situation, when really we should be looking for that dare to love situation. 

God has placed you here. God saw a problem and you are the solution. Now, go. Dare to love.


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