Rear View

I’m guilty of maybe glancing in my rear-view too much these days. My boys are either engulfed in a Disney movie, singing along or trying to murder each other in the backseat. It’s dangerous though, to have that beautiful distraction; I love those sweet little rascals. My eyes and focus must be on the road and what’s happening around me. I mean, since I don’t own a sweet Tesla that can drive for me or even predict when an accident is about to happen. So, until I become independently wealthy, I must remain diligent. 

Beth and I are taking a look at Lot’s wife. Her city is about to go up in flames and she’s being accompanied by members of the angelic army. What was this chick thinking? What made her look back? Mourning. She was grieving the life she was leaving. A person who looks back is someone who believes that what they’re leaving was better than what they’re headed for. 

My friend, whatever you’re facing – know that the best days are ahead of you. You did not peak in High School. Stop looking in your rear-view before you rear-end someone! 

You may not turn into a pillar of salt, but you can miss out. What are you clinging to that you need to let go of?  Time to let go of what’s good and take hold of what’s best.


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