The Jezebel Effect

As a kid, I remember overhearing jokes about women who wore too much makeup being “Jezebels”. I happen to love makeup and dressing up so the term is very derogatory – citing that women do these things with purpose of seduction. 

Beth teaches on Jezebel here – giving a brief history lesson on who she was & how she was Queen of all control freaks.

Jezebel was scary and intimidating and the perfect example of what not to do. She is proof of how powerful women are. When you can scare off a prophet, I’d say you’re powerfully terrifying and horrible. 

But what of those of us who are strong willed yet place ourselves in God’s hands – relinquishing control? We live a life without limits. How can that be? When you live within the boundaries of His love, you actually go farther than you ever dreamed. A life without limits because nothing is impossible for our God. 


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