BFF Status

Beth & I are taking a look at Mary of Bethany today. 

Ever notice how fast and loose we use the word “friend”? I think the word is almost as overused as “love” – but that’s a different story. 

Our society is wrapped up in social media stats. How many Facebook friends do you have? How many twitter followers? Instagram? Snapchat? Pinterest?  Can you imagine if Jesus’ ministry on earth had been in a time as technicologucally connected as ours? His Pinterest board would be amazing! How to throw parties & feed thousands on a shoestring budget, etc. But I digress. 

Can you imagine Jesus weeping with Mary over the loss of her brother, Lazarus? Even though Jesus had a plan to raise Lazarus to show He is life and resurrection and bring Himself the glory, He still hurt for His friend. They were not just surface/Facebook friends. Mary and her family weren’t just people He waved to on His way to grab coffee at church. They were close. 

I’m not concerned about whether or not Jesus is my friend. He is THE BEST. But I’m concerned on whether or not He’d call me HIS friend. Or am I just a church friend? Or a surface/Facebook friend? I hope that I’m the kind of person He would consider a part of His inner circle. 

The issue will never be His friendship for me, because He’s done it ALL. The issue for me is, how can I show my friendship to Him? It is humbling to think the Creator of all would call me His friend. 


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