Awkward Moment

Today, I passed by someone I hardly know from the office next door in the parking lot. She said, “how are you today?” I said, “good thanks, and you?” She said, “I’m blessed, highly favored and deeply loved.” I said, “oh”. I got in my car and drove away feeling very uncomfortable. 

So. Awkward.

But why? Why am I uncomfortable with this young lady expressing her faith? Is it because I think that she thinks I’m not a Christ-follower? Is she trying to witness to me? Do I give off that impression? Do I not look or act Jesusy enough? HOW DO I EVEN RESPOND TO THAT?

Maybe the answer is a statement tee. Here’s a few options:

1. It says I mean business.

2. This says I’m fun but also appreciate acronyms.

3. I’m unclear as to what this even means. “Christ like swag” like I wear sandals a lot? I dunno. 

4. See, this one screams “real!”

Nah, forget it. I think I’ll stick to being me and let her do her. 


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