Who’s Hungry?

I’m what you may call “big boned”. Ok, I’m overweight. And my failures in this area have been well-documented on my blog over the years as I attempt to lose the weight – unsuccessfully. Basically, I had a “cheat day” ten years ago. Now, here I am. Weight Watchers works, but it’s slow. And though there’s progress, it’s discouraging that the results aren’t evident. I’m trying not to lose heart, but I’ve nearly thrown in the towel once again. In fact, I have told very few people I’m doing it because I think subconsciously I anticipate failure. And I sabotage myself. I have somehow bought my own excuses. 

What does all of that have to do with hungering & thirsting for righteousness? Well, I think the things we “hunger” for are revealing of our hearts. For me, obviously, I have an issue with food and I’m working on my “why”. Maybe for you, it’s something else. Money. Status. Possessions. Sex. Drugs. Busyness. We all have issues because we are all works in progress. No matter the hunger, the Lord is truly all that satisfies – so don’t believe the Snickers commercial. When He is all we want, we discover He is all we ever needed. 

But what does it really mean to hunger and thirst for righteousness? Continue onto Beth’s blog to find out!


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