What Do I Know?

Today as Beth and I wrap up our Beatitudes series, I find myself almost at a loss for words. This has been a much bigger challenge to write about than I thought! This last one is by far the hardest. 

Matthew 5:10 

God blesses those who are persecuted for doing right,  for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

I like to joke, “if nobody’s hatin’, you’re doing something wrong”. But, what do I really know of persecution? My freedom and rights are protected and defended. ISIS isn’t knocking on my door. I guess for me it poses the question: if I’m not being persecuted, am I doing enough for Christ? 

I heard Dave Roever speak at my church yesterday. He mentioned the disconnect between the American church and missionaries/believers in other countries giving their lives for the gospel. Do we hurt for them, our brothers and sisters, the way we should? Are our hearts not only broken for the lost but for those who don’t have the same liberties to live out their faith the way we do? 

It’s almost like asking me about racism. What would a white girl know about racism? I’ve never been judged for my color. I’ve never been racially profiled and gotten pulled over for no reason. I have not experienced the injustice my brothers and sisters of color have for generations. Nobody hates me based on my color. 

So, what do I really know of persecution? 


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