Me vs The Green Eyed Monster

When I say “green eyed monster”, I’m not referring to my husband. Im speaking, of course, about jealousy. 

Beth and I are continuing our look at love in 1 Corinthians 13; what it is and what it is not. And – it is not jealous; it does not envy. 

I’ve been debating what to write here for days. I didn’t know this was an issue for me, but here I am. 

Years ago, maybe even as far back as my childhood, I’d pray to be able to sing like other people I admired. I often found myself jealous of their ability to do what I love better than me. One day, I felt the Lord nudge me and I realized that every time I was envious, it was no different than telling the Lord the voice He gave me was not enough.

That was a long time ago. 

What I do catch myself being envious of are other people’s opportunities moreso than their abilities. I work diligently to be happy for others. I love seeing people get opportunities and seeing dreams come true for my fellow artists.

But sometimes, I suck. Sometimes I feel sidelined, overlooked and inadequate. In that moment when my defenses are low, it’s easy for me to let my thoughts give way to envy and disappointment. 

So, keep fighting the good fight against your own green eyed monster – whatever that may be. Your time will come. And remember, someone is probably out there right now looking at your life thru the lense of social media and feeling a little jealous of you. 


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